“Mimi” On Netflix Is Tethered Into Euphoria Of Probabilities

By Suruchi Das

Netflix’s Mimi is everything but legitimate. The film revolves around a young woman wanting to be an actress who eventually becomes a surrogate mother for an American couple who ditch the very pregnant surrogate and their unborn baby mid-way.

Kriti Sanon is trying diligently, her portrayal of the character is believable. Promotional gigs stated that the actress gained around 15 kgs for the role.

Kriti as Mimi is demystified. She is shown to be a naive go-getter. The character had the potential to be more than a woman roaming out on the streets for the mid-half with a baby bump and having weird cravings and mood swings that are associated with pregnancy. Pankaj Tripathi, the man who can be a gangster, an armed forces veteran, and a government school principal with the same efficacy, with his refined skills as an actor couldn’t pull this film through. The film showcases some of the better actors from the industry but the bland and unintelligent writing couldn’t do justice to the lumpsum potential of the film’s story had.

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash

The film Mimi is the Hindi adaptation of the National Award-winning Marathi film “Mala Aai Vhhaychy!”, Mimi directed and written by Laxman Utekar and co-written by Rohan Shankar tries to work around the essence of motherhood at its core but the issues the film could have raised were left unattended and half-baked, the obvious one- surrogacy. It reached for an out-of-the-box concept but the topic was just used as a tool and nothing more. Another major issue of the film is (understandably, the genre is inclining towards comedy-drama) it treats the major aspects of the plot points as mere push-forwards. Issues like societal pressure that comes with single motherhood. The negligent parents of the protagonist,(played by Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak), the “foreigner” couple who were reduced to mere transparent characters. The storyline seemed too far-fetched, and the type of comedy the film is reaching for is basic.

The film focuses on the emotional journey of parenthood without the obvious ways, a not so similar but heart rendering watch on parenthood was from the anthology series Modern Love’s “Hers Was A World Of One” starring Andrew Scott and Brandon Kyle Goodman with Olivia Cooke. A couple wanting to adopt meet an expectant mother(Olivia) who certainly has a very different lifestyle. The story is a unique blend of understanding and parental love.

Mimi stands on a strong base but that’s it. It is not reaching for farther up, (due to lack of better words it could be said that the film, is trying not to get its hands dirty).